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I am trying to figure out how HTML and CSS work.
Why? Well basicaly because I want to become a webdesiger. So, some understanding of HTML, CSS and JAVA is required.
To accomplish this I bought a book called “HTML & CSS, de basis, 3rd edition” by Andree Hollander.

I must say, even I understand the contents of this book and am trying to build my own, first website. It’s rudimentary, ofcourse, but it works. And no, you can’t find it online. It’s on my computer for now. When I’ve got the site up and running I will let you know.

The basic HTML is quite easy. You need to remember the codes and the way you write them. I am using Geany ( to write my codes in. This works for me.
The CSS part is a bit more challenging. More codes. And you have to be very carefull how you write things down.

When I comprehend HTML and CSS I will start focusing on JAVA.
Fot now it’s back to the book and on with the typing.

Have a nice day,


Focus already!


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So here we are.
My phone is offline thanks due to the Forest app.
Brian Eno is playing Thursday Afternoon on my headset.
There’s coffee in my cup.
The table is cleared of everything that could distract me.
So why can’t I focus the way I would like to?

Too many thoughts are running around in my head. I should do this or that. Did I write that appointment in the family schedule? Is there more coffee or should I make some? Shall I start with project 257K6 or with another? Why hasn’t my coach responded yet… And so on.

So, in order to get these thoughts out of my head I write this little piece on my blog. And I hope it will clear my head enough to do some real studying. After all, I do want to make my education a succes.

So… Here we go again.
Wish me luck!


P.s. The appointment was already in the schedule.

Studying at 45.


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Well,now that I’ve started again, studying, I must say, is fun. Reading, expanding my knowledge, trying new things. Aka stepping out of my comfort zone. And I am someone who loves his comfort. Preferably without too much effort, aswell.

A year ago I started at the LOI to become a Software Engineer. It is hard and difficult. Many things I have no knowledge of. Many things I have to figure out and where do I get the time to sit and read and write? I am a father aswell.

But as Covey already stated: “Begin with the end in mind.” And I know where I do want to be in about five years. I know what I will be able to do. And I know that I am capable of making this undertaking a succes.

I can do this!